Director; powers and duties

To make a nonstop study and investigation of (1) the operation and therefore the
administration of comparable laws which can be in impact in alternative states or (2) any
literature on the topic that from time to time could also be printed or accessible, (3) any
Federal laws which can have an effect on the operation of the lottery, and (4) the reaction of latest
Jersey voters to existing and potential options of the lottery with a read to
recommending or effecting changes which will tend to serve the needs of this act.


Notwithstanding the other provision of law to the contrary, no lottery or kind of
lottery or shall be approved or conducted that uses any video
mechanical, electrical or alternative video device, contrivance or machine that, upon the
insertion by the participant of a coin, token or similar object in this, or upon payment of
any thought any, is on the market to play or operate, the play or operation of
which, whether or not by reason of the talent of the operator or application of the part of
chance, or both, could deliver or entitle the person taking part in or in operation the machine to
receive money, tokens to be changed for money, or the other prize, whether or not the payoff is
made mechanically from the machine or in the other manner any.


In accordance with the provisions of this act and therefore the rules and of the
commission, to license as agents to sell lottery tickets such persons as in his opinion can
best serve the general public convenience and promote the sale of tickets or shares. The director
may need a bond from each authorised agent, in such quantity as provided within the rules
and rules of the commission. each authorised agent shall conspicuously show his
license, or a replica thence, as provided within the rules and rules of the commission.

Shall confer frequently as necessary or fascinating and not but once each
month with the commission on the operation and administration of the lottery; shall create
available for scrutiny by the commission, upon request, all books, records, files, and
other data and documents of the division; shall advise the commission and
recommend such matters as he deems necessary and sensible to enhance the operation
and administration of the lottery.

Subject to the approval of the commission and therefore the applicable laws with reference to
public contracts, to act on behalf of the commission as victimisation agency with regard to
purchases created by the Division of Purchase and Property of products and services needed
in the operation of the lottery.

No action of the commission shall be binding unless taken at a gathering at that
at least four of the seven members ar gift and shall take favor thence. The
minutes of each meeting of the commission, as well as any rules and rules
promulgated by the commission or any amendments, revisions, supplements or repeal
thereof, shall be now transmitted, by and beneath the certification of the secretary
thereof, to the Governor at the manager Chamber, State House, Trenton. The Governor
shall, inside ten days when same minutes shall are therefore delivered, cause an equivalent to be
returned to the commission, either with or while not his veto of any action in this recited
as having been taken by the commission. If the Governor shall not come back the minutes
within same ten days, any action recited in this shall have force and impact in keeping with the
wording thence.

The commission shall have the facility to issue subpoenas to compel the
attendance of witnesses and therefore the production of documents, papers, books, records and
other proof before it in any matter over that it’s jurisdiction, control or
supervision. The commission shall have the facility to administer oaths and affirmations to
persons whose testimony is needed. If an individual subpoenaed to attend in any such
proceeding or hearing fails to adapt the command of the subpoena while not affordable
cause, or if an individual attending in any such continuing or hearing refuses, without
lawful cause, to be examined or to answer a legal or pertinent question or to exhibit any
book, account, record or alternative document once ordered therefore to try to to by the commission, the
commission could apply to any decide of the tribunal, upon proof by legal document of the
facts, for associate degree order revertible in not but two nor over ten days, or because the court shall
prescribe, guiding such person to indicate cause before the court why he shouldn’t
comply with such subpoena or such order.
Upon come back of the order, the court before whom the matter shall come back on for
hearing shall examine such person beneath oath, and if the court shall verify, after
giving such person a chance to be detected, that he refused while not legal excuse to befits such subpoena or such order of the director, the court could order such person
to obey thereupon now and any failure to adapt the order of the court could also be
punished as a contempt of the tribunal.